Be Love. Love Being.


Betsy Finkelhoo

With an expanding skill set of event production and many years experience, Betsy Finkelhoo supports, curates and organizes many types of conscious community gatherings, including the Community Speaker Series.

Event Production

With 10 years of massage experience, a profound passion for caring for people and an incredibly intuitive touch, "Tiny but Mighty Massage" is a gift to all who get to receive.

Visionary seamstress, beautification specialist, spacial design genius and performance artist, Finkelhoo is a spark of creative expression in all she does!​

Healing Touch

Hoo is Finkelhoo?

As an embodiment of creative expression, feminine leadership
and passionate connection, Finkelhoo is actively in
Love and Service to share her many gifts with the world. 

Betsy Finkelhoo